Why Is Sugar Bad for Your Body? – How is My Addiction Harmful?

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You’ve got to have a solid reason to try to beat your sugar addiction. If there’s no harm, why stop? We need to know exactly why is sugar bad for your body. How is it hurting us?

Sugar is Destroying Your Brain & Body!

Your brain controls it all and need lots of energy to do it. Having a little bit of sugar stimulates a craving for more, even if your body doesn’t need it. The ‘happy hormone’ Dopamine is released to make you feel good so you will reach for more treats. Sugar essentially trains your brain to want more, leading to addiction.

The excess sugar in your bloodstream damages your ability to learn, your memory, your mental focus, and motor skills. Science has shown it can literally shrink your brain tissues and bring on dementia! Brain damage?! That’s serious harm, folks!

What about the rest of your body? Let’s start with your joints. If you enjoy the pain of inflammation when you try to move, sugar can definitely do that for you. No thanks! I’d rather not feel old before my time.

heart attackToo much insulin (caused by too much sugar) makes your blood vessels expand and tense up. Over time, making your heart work harder–leading to heart disease. If 25% of your calories come from sugar, you’re twice as likely to die from a heart attack! Yikes!!

Moving on to the kidneys…excess sugar over time = insulin resistance = type 2 diabetes which can lead to kidney failure. Dialysis, anyone?

Also susceptible to damage are your liver and pancreas. Too much sugar makes your pancreas work overtime to secrete enough insulin (so your body can do something with that sugar) but eventually it will give up. Same thing with the liver. When it gets worn out trying to deal with all the insulin, you get diabetes. Not good news!

Sugar is Messing with Your Emotions!depression

Not enough reason for you to quit the sweet stuff? I know, it’s your go-to solution when you’re feeling down. Because your emotions have been hijacked! It’s the dopamine talking. A quick fix of sugar sets off a surge of adrenaline too. Then the crash and burn. Irritability, anxiety, and depression are sure to follow. Once you get off the blood sugar roller coaster, your emotions will stabilize also, putting you back in control of your moods.

Sugar is Working for the Bad Guys! 

Bacteria – Fungi – Cancer

Need another scary way that sugar bad for your body? It literally feeds disease. The “microbiome” in your gut contains both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Obviously you want the good ones to grow and the bad ones to die off. Sadly, the little boogers that weaken your gut, block nutrient absorption, cause gas and constipation and bloating…they love eating sugar. Too much sugar and they take over leaving you feeling pretty awful.

One well-known fungi that also thrives in a high sugar environment is Candida. It’s the cause of nasty conditions like bladder infections, thrush, vaginal yeast infections, ulcerative colitis, sinus infections, nail fungus, or infections of the skin, bones and joints.cancer

Feeding fungi in your body also increases your chances of developing the disease many of us fear most- cancer. Cancer cells are hypersensitive towards insulin as well. If you don’t want to grow cancer cells, you don’t want to have elevated levels of insulin caused by too much sugar!

Sugar is Making You Uglier!

Ugh! Is sugar trying to kill us or what?! Now I’m telling you that it makes you look bad too! When will it end??

  • Your smile: Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth that give you bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.
  • Your skin: Sugar causes inflammation leading to wrinkles, saggy skin, dullness, blotching, acne, and stiffness.
  • Your hair: Sugar accelerates hair loss.overweight
  • Your physique: Sugar turns into fat, fat and more fat!

Kick It To The Curb!

Why is sugar bad for your body and why should you cut it from your life? I think we have plenty of reasons now to say “Bye-Bye, Sugar!”

Has someone you love (or you) suffered from any the harmful effects of sugar? Please share your story in the comments below!


24 thoughts on “Why Is Sugar Bad for Your Body? – How is My Addiction Harmful?

  1. That is pretty scary!  I’d never thought of sugar quite like that although I do know it is bad for you.  And we certainly wouldn’t want to suffer the long term effects of sugar, just for the quick sugar rush.  I certainly noticed less grey hair when I cut out sugar.  I’ve cut sugar out of my tea but there are so many other foods and drinks that have sugar.  Do you have suggestions for tasty drinks that don’t require sugar?  Water is good for you but sometimes it is boring.

    1. I enjoy fresh squeezed lemon or some mint in my water. It’s good hot or cold. Flavored teas are nice for a change. It depends on your tastes. I enjoy my coffee now with coconut milk and no sweetener but I had to develop the taste for it. 

  2. Hi again,

    I always knew that sugar was bad for me and my body. But I had no idea that it was this bad!!! For instance, I had no clue that sugar was affecting my emotions. So thank you for opening my eyes about all the dangers of sugar. Now I definitely want to try out a non sugar (or at least less sugar) diet! 

  3. Hi Anna

    Really informative article, I knew too much sugar was bad for your health by I didn’t know some of the complications that can occur. I have been trying to cut down on my sugar intake but it is hard, its so true about the craving for more, my worst habit is tea, I cannot drink tea without sugar, if I could, my sugar intake would be negligible. 

    1. My advice would be to experiment with a different beverage instead of tea or to try flavored tea or with lemon/mint. You could even take strawberries, crush them up and pour your tea over that. Instant flavored strawberry tea packed with fiber and vitamins. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a new favorite!

  4. Hi Anna,

    I’ve always known that sugar is bad for me. But thank you for sharing this detailed post as how it can be bad. I never knew that sugar could cause brain damage. Guess that’s why I can remember things that well any more. 🙂

    What’s really annoying to me is that the urge to consume sugar is so strong that just by my will power is not enough. Is there any product that can help me stop craving for sugar. You know, like those products that help people quite smoking. 

    Sugar is everywhere and that’s making it even harder to avoid. I think we need to raise awareness of the damage sugar can do to us. Would love to see more posts like this one.

  5. Although most people know that sugar isn’t the healthiest food, most probably don’t realize the huge extent of health problems that sugar contributes to. There are healthier alternatives to sugar, erythritol, stevia, and xylitol are just a few. Xylitol is a known fighter of tooth decay. I’ve been using xyltiol-based toothpaste, mouthwash, and mints these past couple of months and my teeth definitely feel stronger.

    1. I am cautious about using sugar substitutes. For a sugar addict, they won’t solve the problem of the brain’s reward pathways that keep us craving more. 

  6. Wow, well you just scared the sugar right out of me! I know it’s not great to eat a lot of sugar but I didn’t know it was actually THAT detrimental to our  body and longevity. I wonder is there like a scientifically determined threshold where bits of sugar are not deemed bad for you but then past a certain level that’s where it starts getting really bad for you. The sad thing is, sugar does make a lot of foods and recipes taste better and they just are not the same without sugar in them. If we try to eliminate the sugar and use a sugar substitute, most if not all of those are just as bad or worse for us! Do you have a suggestion of what could be substituted in recipes and foods in place of sugar that wouldn’t be bad for us? It would be nice to be able to eliminate sugar and have a healthier option available. Thank you so much for the great information!

    1. How much your body can safely tolerate will vary on gender, age, physical activity level, insulin sensitivity and more. But remember it’s an empty calorie. There are NO nutritional benefits from any amount of sugar; its made to be pure energy (that we don’t need). Better to find sweetness in whole fruits that provide fiber and vitamins. I will sometimes used a mashed banana or blend a whole apple in my Vitamix to use as a sweetener in a recipe. After eliminating sugar, these natural fruits will begin to taste so much better too. Added bonus!!

  7. Oh my gosh!  Thank you!  One of the last things I read was how sugar leads to hair loss.  I’ve been struggling with my hair for the last few years.  I’ve used essential oils and drank teas and you name it – whatever I found on pinterest or the internet trying to overcome this thing.  It was actually caused by stress from a really bad marriage, but very little of it grew back.  I mean, I don’t drink soda or kool aid or, you know, sugary drinks and stuff.  But I do have a weakness for sugary snacks.  I’ve tried limiting my intake, but now I have more reason to!  I am cutting it out more!  Thank you for giving me a reason!!!

    I didn’t realize there was so much that sugar was damaging.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. I’m sure stress was related. It messes with our hormones just like excess sugar does and causes all sorts of problems. I’m glad you’re on the path towards discovery and better health!

  8. Thank you for article. My mom enjoys in sugar and I can not convince her how dangerous is it. she is not fat but just like you mentioned it affect our brain and kidneys which is really not safe. Do you think that there is dome sugar blockers supplements? Can something block our need for sugar?

    1. Sadly, we cannot make anyone choose the path we wish they would take. I pray your mother will stumble upon the knowledge and motivation to be healthier all on her own. 

      A known natural sugar craving suppressor is L-Glutamine. NOW is a trusted brand that makes an affordable capsule she could try. https://amzn.to/2QOwZX5 But without the right mindset and determination, it won’t work well.

  9. Couldn’t agree more! 

    However, I am yet to cut all the sugar from my diet. I am very partial to cakes, so it will be a job getting rid of those from my diet.

    My children take little sugar in their diets, and now that they are not addicted to it, they don’t either crave or demand it. I am super happy about this.

    However, I get criticized a lot by some of my friends, saying I am denying my children moments of joy and happiness. Oh, well, one can’t keep everyone happy. 

    To all the new moms, I’d say not to pay attention to what the well meaning friends say. Just stick to your no-sugar diet and your calmer, happier, healthier/with healthy teeth children will thank you when the time comes!

    1. So glad you didn’t give in to peer pressure with your kids. You are doing what’s best for them and nobody should tell you otherwise! Perhaps if your friends experienced how cutting carbs could calm their kids down, they would change their tune.

  10. Hi Anna… Your website scares me!  There are so many people out there who are killing themselves with all this sugar, and they don’t even seem to care.  I had a sugar problem until I turned thirty, then I found an article one day that told be the truth!  The information you are sharing through your website is vitally important to Americans everywhere.  We are now #10 in the world for the most obese people.  

    My sister died three years ago, and she was about 200 lbs. overweight, mostly from over eating sweets.  She didn’t have to die so young, but she didn’t listen.  This is important information.  Thank you for sharing.  Clay

    1. Oh Clay, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. So tragic! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m sure she would be happy and proud to know that you’re on a better path. Let’s continue spreading the word and hopefully we will spare others from the pain you’ve gone through.

  11. Hey Anna;

    You make many awesome points here about the down side of sugar. One in particular that I’ve personally noticed (and I don’t even consume a lot of sugar) is that it is bad for joint pain. I’ve seen a definite correlation between sugar consumption and how much pain and stiffness I experience in my finger joints. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but it’s a great reason to avoid it because I spend a lot of time typing.

    This is a great post for people to read and absorb if they want to kick the sugar habit. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Stella. I’m glad you have found what your trigger for inflammation could be so you can avoid it and be able to work pain-free!

  12. I know white sugar is not good for you, perhaps though in small amounts. I tend to whenever possible replace it with raw or brown sugar.

    I grew up never having sugar in my tea or coffee and I must thank my Mum  for that, she just never allowed us to. Thank goodness!  There are many changes we can make with what we put in our mouths, which the body surprises us with feelings of such well being when we feed it correctly . It is an amazing machine, we treat  it so badly and it just keeps on going and rewards us so well when we give it what it really  wants!! You are on the right track!

    I have just read an article, which I have bookmarked, it has so much information for a life diet  really, you may  enjoy reading it, I certainly did and will go back to read sections of it again and again.

    Have a look for a 80/20 ratio diet, I guess it is similar to the Mediterranean diet, lots of veggies and salads 80% and meat,fish etc. 2O%


    1. Thanks Michele! Just remember that when it comes to your metabolism, hormones, intestinal biome and insulin- all sugars are the same and can cause the same problems. Even whole grains when digested contribute to excess carbs in our bodies. Use caution and learn all you can!

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