I Quit Eating Sugar Cold Turkey – No More Chocolate??

Exactly 4 days ago I made the snap decision to quit eating sugar, cold turkey! What?!?! That’s pretty extreme!

Why “Cutting Back” Won’t Work one donuts

I know I have a problem. So do I stop eating sugar completely or should I just try to cut back? If I cut back, I could still enjoy my favorite treats once in a while. After all, cookies and chocolates are old friends. I can’t turn my back on them. Can I?

Besides, NEVER having any sugar is too hard to actually do, right? I don’t have the will power to keep it up forever. I should just abandon this crazy idea now. It’ll never work.

The thing is, I have tried “cutting back” on sugar before. You probably have as well. Did it work for you? I hope so, but I failed miserably! Briefly depriving myself just made the urge to binge later on even stronger. If you were a recovering alcoholic, would it be ok to have just one drink? Of course not. You’re fighting to quit and you know one drink could lead to a relapse. Same thing with sugar. If you’re going to quit the habit you CANNOT allow an indulgence because it will lead to a relapse. You want to quit for a reason. Don’t let one fancy cupcake make you forget your goals.

Can you really just eat one cookie and be satisfied? The food industry has worked long and hard to make sure we keep eating. That package of Oreos will quickly disappear because they’re designed to be irresistible! In another article I’ll tell you the secret way food manufacturers sabotage our efforts to “cut back” and pull us into addiction.

What Can I Still Eat?

Deciding to quit eating sugar can be tricky. Sweet treats aren’t the only foods containing added sugar. Most processed foods, especially low fat items, had added sugars. With names like “dextrose”, “maltose”, “fructose”, and pretty much anything ending in -ose. Not to mention corn syrup! It’s hard to avoid if you aren’t careful.grocery choices

What about starchy foods like bread or rice? Or fruits? Carbohydrates in any form are turned into sugars when your body digests them.

Deciding exactly what to exclude and what to still include is going to have to be a personal choice. Do some research on your own and consider what foods will genuinely be safe for you to keep in your diet without becoming a problem. Be truthful with yourself. Listen to that inner voice. Is it leading you on a path to better health or are you listening to the inner addict who doesn’t WANT to give something up?

I chose to stop eating sweets because that’s where my addictive behavior lies. Chocolates, cookies, cakes, sweetened coffee drinks, and ice cream are all a NO.  

Starchy carbs like bread aren’t something I enjoy. Usually I pass on bread anyway and use lettuce for sandwiches or just make a salad. I also don’t eat much pasta. Those things will be fine for me in moderation because I don’t feel any mental or physical dependence on them.

Fruits are also going to be included in my diet. Although they do contain natural sugars, their vitamins and fiber are great for our bodies. But only in their whole form. Juices are a NO because they have been stripped of fiber and many of those vitamins. Applesauce will also be a NO because the peeling and cooking process has removed most of the apple’s health benefits, leaving behind a dense sugary sauce.

Fear of the Futurethanksgiving toast

I am aware of how extreme it sounds to completely quit eating sugar cold turkey. Truthfully, it’s scary. I’m letting go of habits that have brought me comfort. Treats that make me feel happy. I’m afraid of a relapse. Afraid of bingeing again. Scared of letting sugar continue it’s powerful hold over my life.

How will I get through the holidays? Will the joy be lost if I don’t have our traditional special treats? I’ll soon find out because Thanksgiving and Christmas are mere months away.

Is This Sustainable?

So much of our culture and traditions include sugary treats. Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, Grandma’s fudge at Christmas, cake and ice cream for birthdays, morning meetings with coffee and donuts, chocolates from our sweethearts. It’s impossible to avoid. I know it won’t be easy to sustain my resolve for a lifetime.

It will be hard but it won’t be impossible. Maybe years from now, when I’ve lived sugar-free long enough, perhaps I’ll be able to enjoy a slice of pie without fear of backsliding. First I have years of bad habits to break. I have to work on creating new healthy habits that will be permanently ingrained in my thoughts and behaviors.

For now, I’m saying NO. No to the sugars, yes to a healthier future!





16 thoughts on “I Quit Eating Sugar Cold Turkey – No More Chocolate??

  1. Sugar is a big business in our world today. Think of how many products include it in their ingredients that we consume. I am a big bread fan and many of the foods I eat now include sugar. I used to eat a lot of fruits, veggies and salads as a child but have gotten away from that as an adult. I like eating out but do not see many healthy options where I live. And always ordering a salad gets boring. I need to make the decision to change some of my ways or this will come back to haunt me. Thanks for the post and reminder that it is possible to give up sugar. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for your input Jody. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble finding healthy restaurant options. The more we bring attention to these issues, the more change we’ll start to see in the industry. Already there is a move in that direction but if it comes sooner rather than later, we’d all benefit!

  2. What a lovely post  Anna I really enjoyed it.

    Quiting sugar completely is really not easy because almost everything we eat have some amount of sugar in it. Sometime ago I went to see a friend suffering from diabetes in the hospital, I actually forgot and got her provisions(tea, milk, sugar) and she was like, wow I can’t get her this things didn’t I remember she was suffering from diabetes. So I went back back to actually look for a sugar free food, then I found out that almost everything we eat contain sugar. I don’t think we can actually quit sugar

    1. I appreciate your input Bibian! You’re right that most of the foods available do have added sugars. It’s very hard, although not impossible, to find alternatives. With the right information and tools, I do believe it can be avoided. The Whole30 is very popular recently and on that plan, you go 30 days with no sugar. I’ve done it and so have thousands of others so I know it’s possible. If someone truly desires to live sugar-free, they can.

  3. This is extremely interesting topic to many in a way, for those that can’t do without sugar i know like you said is going to be a hard thing to stop. most especially by america culture foods with sugar seems to be the only way they eat. for any american to cut back sugar or stop eating sugar will be a tough war. 

    I for one been an African person i know eating sugar is delicate to one health, so i don’t eat processed foods as such and no to foods strictly made with sugar. so watch it but when you say to cut sugar in total it will be hard, because we still can find sugar in many foods. 

    1. It does feel like a war! But it’s a war worth fighting. Sugar is so damaging to our bodies and mental health that we must try to win this fight.

  4. Hi Anna

    You are connecting with a once was chocolate addict- I ate a bar or 2 every day and then in 2006 I had brain surgery not because of chocolate lol and I have stopped since then.

    I always say the brain surgeon tweaked my brain to stop me eating chocolate 🙂

    Honestly I am glad I do not esat it anymore and now days I drink lots of water, eat greens and love my body 

    All sgar does is takes you up only to drop you down and I mean down with a thud

    Great article and I hope more and more people stop doing sugar

    Thank you

    1. I’m glad you’re in better healthy after your surgery. Sounds like you’ve learned how to nourish your body. Good for you! Sugar is linked to all sorts of conditions and diseases like cancer, brain damage and dementia. My article about it can be found here: https://thenosugarmama.com/why

  5. I wrote a lot about sugar in my eBook. It is highly addictive just like drugs and alcohol. Nicotine for me was the worse addiction. But sugar can be compared to drinking for sure. I quit eating sugar cold turkey too.  I just eat natural sugar now not processed sugar.

    There is so many bad things linked to table sugar it’s insane.

    I now eat good portions of fruit when I crave sugar. Sometimes some honey in my Hot tea with lemon

      1. it’s called, How to Remedy Psoriasis Naturally

        It wont let me leave a link here in the comment box.

        Come to my website, you can find a link there.

        You can skip to the part about sugar if you want, I don’t mind. 😊

  6. Thank you Anna. I have no idea how I would ever cut back on sugar. I have tried many times but struggle to live without it. I’m acutely aware of how difficult it is to do so I wish you well. You are correct, sugar is in everything, and producers seem to be adding it more and more. They must be really benefitting from the addictive side of it. Please let us know how you go, if you do well there may be help for the rest of us.  Jim

    1. Thanks Jim! I hope to be able to inspire others, to show that being sugar-free IS possible. I appreciate your support on my journey. 

  7. Hey this was an interesting article, i am not big into caandy but i do like my sugar and pop.  There is no reason to just up and quit though, i have been through the worst withdrawls when i was getting clean off of pills and that was the worst ever.  I think quitting sugar would be good if people are wanting to lose weight and get in shape but we all need some sugar!

    1. I would have to disagree that “there is no reason to just up and quit”. Our bodies do need a certain amount of glucose but it doesn’t need to come from addictive and harmful treats. Did you know our bodies can create glucose from fats and proteins?! Pretty cool 😉 It’s called ‘gluconeogenesis’. 

      The harm sugar does to the body can be tremendous (cancer, dementia, infections). Check out this article on the damage it can do: https://thenosugarmama.com/why

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