My Sugar Free Journey Blog – In the Beginning

I’ve been meaning to update everyone on my progress so far. My journey to becoming sugar free has certainly had its bumps already. Ironically, my main motivation for wanting to cut sweets (pregnancy) has also been the cause of my setbacks. October 2nd After using ovulation test strips for a couple weeks without the expected…

Does Sugar Cause Belly Fat?

Chances are, if you’re a sugar addict, you probably have some extra belly fat you wish you could lose. Wonder what causes fat in the first place? How does it go from food in your mouth to the squishy stuff around your middle? Does sugar cause belly fat or do fatty foods make you fat?…

Gateway To Better Health? – A Whole30 Overview

Whole30 is probably a program you’ve heard about. It’s an extremely popular plan for those looking for a way to improve their eating habits. I’ve even tried it myself. This Whole30 overview will help you decide if this plan is right for you. What’s The Whole30 All About? Whole30 is a plan developed by Melissa…